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The Nice Guys


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Come join the fun!  See The Nice Guys play LIVE!

Talented!! Great wedding or event band!
— Lori Holland
First time I’ve heard this group - at Woodys oyster roast. Great band with such up music. Loved them!
— Martha Toy
We were there (at Jamaica Joe’z) yesterday from start to finish! Love these guys! Wonderful future ahead for them. So talented.
— Dennis & Pam Atkins
These guy have a lot of energy in their performance. They are well worth the listen.
— Brian Merlin
Great performance! Gonna do great things in the future. Keep your eye on these young men!
— Jason Boorn
I miss listening to these young men playing their music on Thursday nights at Coligny Plaza. Looking forward to seeing them again.
— Rose Marie Martinangelo
What a great group of young men jammin! Looking forward to what the future hold for them. 🙌🎶🎤 Keep up the good work fellas!
— Shae Hammond
I enjoyed the great entertainment each time we came to hear The Nice Guys play!!!! Great way to spend a Sunday listening to great music with great friends at a great beach location😊
— Kim A. Schidrich
We are on vacay from Colorado and caught about an hour of your Harbortown show tonight. We LOVED it and wish you all the best. Fantastic! Talked to your drummer’s mom a bit and got some good background. Good luck to all of you...keep the music and energy going guys. So fun
— Linda Wisler
You guys rocked it today! Thanks for the great music & vibes!!
— Brook Messenger
Impressed! We caught some of two sets you played this weekend and thought you rocked the beach! Great spectrum of songs in your set lists, accomplished musicianship, and terrific energy. See you on the road!
— James Bratton
I had the ultimate pleasure of listening to you tonight!!! You definitely are awesome, and certainly appeal to all. Best of luck in your futures!!!
— Paula Schultz
If anyone ever needed another reason to go to HHI, I have one - well, I have 5. Five guys that are The Nice Guys. Mary Lib and I heard them in May at the beer and bacon festival on HHI. And we both thought they were so good. And I said, “but they look like they are in high school.” Well they are- they are all 17 years old! My neighbor (in her 80s) and Elsa and I heard them last Sunday under the oak tree in harbor town! It was so much FUN! They play several places near my condo every week! If you are on the island, you must go hear them!
— Paula Sjoberg Saine

Meet the Band

They say nice guys finish last, but a new band of teens in southern Beaufort County is proving that isn’t always true.
— Hilton Head Monthly magazine

Get your groove on with the island's favorite dance/pop/funk band, The Nice Guys, performing a variety of contemporary music that the whole family agrees on! The fab five is comprised of some of the nicest guys around.



Andrew Mooney
Drums / Vocals

Nick Myhre
Guitar / Vocals

Kevin Myhre
Bass / Vocals

Davis Lentz